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Switchgear Contacts Switchgear Contacts
Switchgear Contacts Switchgear Contacts

Hoyt's largest growth area in recent years has been aimed at servicing the utility grade switchgear markets, manufacturing components for a variety of low and medium voltage applications, such as, circuit breakers, LTC voltage regulators, reclosers, disconnects, SF6 gas interuptors, automatic transfer switches and vacuum interuptors.

Our unique manufacturing capabilities enable Hoyt to produce parts from specialty refractory or semi-refractory metal contact materials, and are available from basic contacts tips  through to complete contact assemblies including all components, bus-bar, hardware and sub-assemblies, ready for final installation into OEM products.

Hoyt parts are used in power distribution and control systems for industrial, commercial, utility, military and marine applications. If you need reliable parts made strictly to specifications, in small or medium quantities, and at costs you find difficult or impossible to match yourself, talk to us. We specialize in the part you need and have served OEM customers for well over half a century.