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Refractory Metals - Agaloy Powdered Metal Contact Tips

AGALOY Powdered Metal Contact Tips

AGALOY Powdered Metal Contact Tips

AGALOY Powdered Metal Contact Tips

HOYT is 'THE SOURCE' for Agaloy Powdered Metal Contact Tips - With the expansion of our powder metallurgy facility, Hoyt has been thrust into the foreground of this specialized technology.

Our Agaloy refractory metal contacts are made using both the "Press / Sinter / Infiltrate" and "Press / Sinter / Repress" methods, in a broad range of materials and formulations.  Common applications include heavy utility grade equipment such as circuit breakers, voltage regulators, disconnects, reclosers, SF6 interuptors, and vacuum interuptors.

Over the past 55 years, Hoyt's reputation has grown steadily as 'The Source' for contact tips and assemblies. Numbering among our customers are many of the nation's most recognized OEM's, as well as other large users.

In addition to our first-rate PM technology and extensive product line, there are numerous other benefits if Hoyt becomes 'Your Source' for PM products. Three of the most important are... superior quality, lower prices and faster delivery!

There are no minimum or maximum ordering quantities, and quality is never compromised. Turnaround time is 25% to 50% less than normal industry performance, without broken delivery promises or early delivery cost premiums.