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Hoyt is the Source for Silver Tip Electrical Contact Assemblies

Silver Tip Electrical Contact Assemblies-Hoyt Corporation
Keeping pace with the most advanced production techniques and equipment, Hoyt has again updated manufacturing operations for electrical contacts. This includes moving to larger plant facilities in order to accommodate our steadily increasing production volume.

This versatility and cost control makes Hoyt "The Source" for all your electrical contact needs. Hoyt offers product performance, durability, price and delivery. The most critical factors affecting purchase decisions of contacts.

If you want to be sure you're getting the most for the least, put your suppliers to the competitive test with Hoyt. Request a free, no obligation, price quotation today.

Manufacturing Contact Assemblies
QUALITY - From the metallurgical composition of the silver alloy tip to the copper support of the assembly, only the finest materials and manufacturing standards are employed to meet customer specifications exactly.

MODERN EQUIPMENT - Using state-of-the-art equipment, contacts are manufactured faster and better than ever before. Quality is improved while costs are reduced.

PRICE - Probably the most attractive benefit generated by Hoyt's modern manufacturing operation is cost effectiveness. Increased production, along with superior quality control, has substantially reduced prices.

EXPERIENCE - For over 70 years Hoyt has met the most demanding needs of an ever growing number of customers. This longevity and continued growth attests to the reliability of Hoyt as a prime source for electrical contacts.

CONTACT TIPS - Hoyt manufactures a full range of silver and silver alloy contact tips. Examples are: fine silver, silver cadmium oxide, silver tungsten alloys, silver molybdenum, nickel silver, silver graphite and copper alloys.

CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS - You name it, when it comes to contacts we've probably made them. Primary applications of our contact assemblies are: industrial controls, mining machinery, transportation, switch gear, signal equipment, relays, motor starters, elevators, material handling equipment, etc.

LARGE AND SMALL ORDERS - Hoyt customers are comfortable in the knowledge that all their contact assembly needs will be handled. Whether it is just 10 or 100,000 pieces, all orders receive special care and attention.

ATTACHMENT BY BRAZING - Attaching the silver tip to the contact by brazing is the most important step in producing contact assemblies. At Hoyt, all brazing methods are available and are matched to the requirements of the application. The most modern production equipment is used for each method.

QUALITY CONTROL - To assure that customers receive contact assemblies made to specifications, Hoyt incorporates numerous quality control checks before, during and after manufacturing. These consist of conductivity, density, hardness and dimensional checks, also metallurgical and chemical analysis. When appropriate, independent testing labs are employed to check and verify unusual factors affecting product quality.

DELIVERY - After all is said and done, delivery of the product on time is paramount. Hoyt monitors the progress of orders constantly and by computer to avoid delays and unanticipated interruptions. A customer can call at any time during working hours to receive a DSR report (Delivery Status Report). On-time delivery is important at Hoyt.